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Welcome to Arborist Crew Services! Celebrating 30 years in Camarillo, we’re your go-to for expert tree service. From our roots three decades ago, our certified team remains committed to the health, safety, and beauty of your landscape. Using modern techniques, we offer everything from tree removal to skilled pruning. Trust in Arborist Crew Services for unparalleled professionalism and dedication to Camarillo’s trees & surrounding areas.  

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Our Tree Service Offers A Range Of Services To Meet All Types Of Needs

Commercial Tree Management

 Catering to businesses, parks, and public spaces, our commercial tree management services ensure that your green assets are always in prime condition. From regular maintenance to specialized care, we prioritize safety, aesthetics, and the health of your trees, enhancing the appeal and value of your commercial property. Trust in our expertise to keep your landscapes flourishing and professional.

Residential Tree Management

  Tailored for homeowners, our residential tree management services focus on nurturing the heart of your home landscape. We understand the value and sentiment trees bring to personal spaces. From routine maintenance to specialized treatments, we ensure your trees remain healthy, safe, and beautifully integrated into your home environment. Let us care for your trees as you would for your home.

Site & Property Management

Overseeing expansive areas like construction sites, new developments, or large estates, we ensure every tree and green space is maintained to the highest standards, providing expert guidance on tree health, safety, and aesthetic integration. Consistency is key to tree health and landscape beauty, and our regular visitation service offers scheduled check-ups for timely maintenance, disease prevention, and optimal growth. With us on your side, your trees and green spaces receive the attention they deserve, season after season.  

Free Consultations

 Offering free consultations, we invite you to tap into our expertise without any initial commitment. Whether you’re curious about tree care, landscape design, or simply seeking advice, our team is here to guide you. It’s our way of showing dedication to your green spaces and building trust from our very first interaction. Let’s explore the potential of your landscape together.

Learn More On How It Works

Step One
Initiate Contact: Call us or fill out the form to set up a meeting.
Step Two
Property Assessment: We'll walk around your property together, discussing the necessary work.
Step Three
Receive Your Quote: Expect an email with your quote within 48 hours.
Step Four
Finalize Details: If both parties agree on the quote, we'll schedule a date to start the work.
Step Five
Preparation: On the scheduled day, ensure all delicate items are secured and sprinklers are turned off before our crew arrives.
Step Six
Completion & Billing: After the work is done, we'll send you an invoice via email or text.

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